Thursday, August 03, 2006

MacbookPro Quality Problems Vex Me

So I love Apple more than anyone (except the freakish nerds who keep
their apple <I>boxes</I> as collector's items... wow), but my new
MacbookPro already broke and is seriously pissing me off. My older
powerbook G4 may have a [ key that's so sensitive a light breeze will
activate it, but that's not debilitating. The p[roblems:

- the battery is slowly exploding. Yes, it's protruding about 1/8",
making the computer fail to sit flat and scratch tables. And the
charge? it lasts for AT LEAST 30 seconds. Fricking great Apple.
- the mouse button is crap, and is stuck closed 50% of[ the time. I
can't tell you how aggravating it is to have the computer selecting
and dragging and sending things at random because the mouse button
won't release it's grip on click[ness.

This computer was damn expensive and is generally radical, but a
bogus battery after 3 months? a clicker that doesn't work? COME ON
APPLE. I am a shareholder, and you better fix this shit.