Friday, July 07, 2006

Tonsilectomies are brutal

Damn, just got both the tonsils and uvula removed last week, and let
me tell you, it sucks. The operation itself is a breeze, since
you're out cold, but the subsequent week is hell. Very difficult to
swallow at all - can't eat anything, barely able to drink even water,
and very challenging to get the vicodin down. Which, of course,
you're supposed to take with food... not possible. After 8 days of
opiate haze, I had the worst headache and nauseous stomach I can
remember and just prayed I'd fall asleep so it'd go away. Woke up
feeling the same. Started taking vicodins two at a time, just to be
able to drink water. Nasty, nasty taste in the back of the mouth at
all times, a combination of pussy, bloody drip, drymouth, and
remnants of whatever cottage cheese-type goop you've managed to sort
of get down. Very happy today, day 10, to finally be able to eat a
semi-normal breakfast and sweet jesus, drink some coffee. Also
finally got the voice back today, which was weak and sorry for the
last week and a half. Yet people keep trying to talk to you, you
know? Even though they know you can't talk, they just have to ask
inane questions. Pleasantries and frippery are hard to resist I guess.

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