Friday, May 05, 2006

"Price Gouging" by Big Oil

Nothing could irk me more (well, other than apostrophe misuse) than
the bulls*$&t bandying about of "price gouging" by "Big Oil". This
is nothing more than a cheap election year red herring by mostly (but
not only) democratic politicians calculated to curry votes from the
uninformed. Wise up, people. No oil company controls the market, it
is supply and demand that set prices. You know as well as I that the
problems are these:

  • MTBE being illegal, with not enough ethanol to replace it (granted,
    MTBE is nasty stuff that SHOULD be illegal)
  • Refinery capacity (due to an onerous permitting process and
    reluctance of refiners to spend billion$ when the market could
    collapse at any time)
  • Unwillingness to allow drilling in the US, despite low risk and high reserves
  • Supply! we are fighting China for a finite amount of oil,
    obviously the price is going to go up. this is a good thing! now
    how about some decent BICYCLE PATHS? get people out of their damn SUVs.

If you really think ExxonMobil is ripping you off, BUY THEIR STOCK, DUMMY. The pay a decent dividend and you'll never go wrong with that
equity. If you want to ride the ethanol train, buy Archer-Daniels-
Midland stock - they are going big in both ethanol and biodiesel.
Love how big agricultural-products companies are competing with Big Oil now, very cool.

If you have some sort of "moral" objection to that (makes no sense), then here are simple ways you can beat high gas prices:

  • RIDE A BICYCLE - lose your spare tire while you're at it
  • Buy a VW Golf TDI (or Jetta/Passat/Touareg) - 50 mpg and does
    burnouts (hybrids are for suckers, they get 35mpg or so)
  • Put biodiesel in your Golf TDI - it supports American farmers, it
    pollutes less, and it even smells good
  • Better yet, run straight vegetable oil in your old Mercedes diesel
    -- your friendly neighborhood Sikh is happy to give it to you after he
    cooks up some delicious Indian food and your car will both run great
    and smell great from it. It's FREE!
  • And by all means get rid of your stupid f$*%ing Hummer! GOD!
    (like napoleon D. would say)

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