Tuesday, April 11, 2006

American Airlines uses ANCIENT planes

So I recently flew AA to Savannah to get out of the 40 days and 40
nights of SF rain. Would have used a good airline, but the free trip
aspect won out, even though they sucked 50k aadvantage miles due to
late booking (standard for them). Anyway, anytime I'm getting on an
MD-80 it makes me a little anxious -- after all, an Alaska MD-80 lost
its horizontal stabilizer a couple years ago shortly after takeoff
and crashed into the Pacific off LAX, killing all on board... so I
looked at the manufacturing info on the plate inside the door this
time, and guess what? The plane is NINETEEN years old, build in
1987. I was a junior in highschool then, and McDonnell Douglas was
an independent corporation, building planes in Long Beach, CA. This
plane had been boarded so many times it had dents in the doorway from
high heels. Dudes, it's time to retire planes this old -- send them
to Bolivian Air or wherever these things are put out to pasture.
Southwest is honestly not much better about this -- some of their
737s look like they were painted in 1974, like a lot of camaros -- so
let's all fly JetBlue, eh? Sure they use Airbuses, but at least they
are only 2 years old.

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