Sunday, March 26, 2006

China Camp

Dusted off the Giant NRS today and headed over the golden gate to the
China Camp trails. Muddy as Paris-Roubaix and pretty dicey. Seeing
as how I suck on uphill "technical" (silly term) trails, suffered the
indignity of many dismounts and thus the frenzied
start-from-standstill-uphill quest for forward momentum while
struggling to clip in with mud-covered cleats and pointy rocks
everywhere. View from the top was staggering, a 360 of SF, the bay,
Sausalito, and so forth. Descent was really friggin' cool. Ended up
completely saturated with mud and 40% visibility out the shades. An
ice-cold Bud on the way home capped off a pertineer perfect day.

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