Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Macbook Air 13" - Crash-a-holic

I was hella stoked when I got this new macbook air.  It's got the 2.13ghz processor, 4gb ram, and 13" screen.  Sweet.  Worked like a champ for about 2 weeks, then all of a sudden, shite.  Here's what happens:

- Flash crashes on all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox).  Firefox won't run at all.
- iMovie fails to launch, claiming I don't have the required Quartz graphics chipset.
- iPhoto fails to launch - "iPhoto quit unexpectedly"... but it never launched.
- Skype fails to launch - "Skype quit unexpectedly"... also never launched.  Further, "Click Reopen to open the application again.  Click Report to... send a report to Apple" doesn't work.  Clicking Reopen fails the same way.

It seems as though either the graphics system has suffered a hardware failure, or that part of Snow Leopard is corrupted somehow.  The computer worked perfectly for about 2 weeks and now is nearly useless.  See attached screenshots.

iLounge offers a couple suggestions on fixing this problem, and they seem to have worked for some people, judging from the (extensive) comments.  I tried 'em both, and no dice.  Check out the article.

For my part, I have an appointment with the Genius Bar at the SF Apple store.  I plan to bring home a new computer.  This one is frucked.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Carl & the Sub

Carl gets excited about the suburban's bass boat paint job by earl
scheib of San Diego.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Muni is retarded

Um, why can't the SF transit authorites get their shit together? Why
don't bart tickets work on muni? Why do you have to pay in quarters to
get thru muni turnstiles in bart stations? Why doesn't bart actually
CONNECT to the Oakland airport? Want people out of cars? Make the
system convenient!